Strong opinions, ramblings about code and other codswallop. Go away if you're easily offended :)

An INTJ on user interface design

23 July 2020

An efficient and effective user interface relieves cognitive strain. Recently I've come across a few that do the opposite and tickle my annoyance so badly, I want to smash my computer screen.


WTF is the difference between a front end and a back end web developer?

16 July 2020

Sometimes the lines are blurred between the two, especially if you're not working in the field. Even I was clueless at some point. In this post I explore the key differences between the two and the fact that you can be both.


Working with C-strings in C++ - Part 1

14 April 2020

Recently I had to do an assignment that required working with strings and character arrays. I wanted to do a particular thing with a character array and treat it as a string, but wasn't so far into my textbook, so I took to Stack Overflow and didn't learn anything of value.


Programming is a humbling experience

04 April 2020

I am a relatively new self-taught programmer and suck at mathematics and I am finding it challenging, yet immensely stimulating and invigorating to be taking this journey. I discuss my struggles, my mistakes and how I overcome obstacles while working towards a BSc Computing degree and working as a web developer. Fun times!


An INTJ 's observation of the reaction to SARS CoV2

01 April 2020

Chaos, uncertainty and irrationality, to sum it all up. The following piece is highly opinionated and not intended to offend, but rather a high-level observation from the perspective of an INTJ - someone who values logic over emotion. Please do not read this if you're prone to being offended by strong opinions, but do send me an email if you want to discuss anything.


It's about time

28 March 2020

I've put off building my own personal website for so long. It's been years since I bought my domain name, signed up for hosting and I kept telling myself to get this thing online for even longer.