I'd rather have someone spend one hour looking through my Github profile at my code than spend what little free time I have writing code which isn't always real-world applicable.


Or, send you a link to my Codewars profile, so that you can take a quick peek at the katas I've completed. I'm almost certain there will be an algorithm in there that I've already coded in whatever language I'm trying to improve my skills with. It will also take a lot less time and back-and-forth emailing or LinkedIn messages. 


Why do I need to write an algorithm to reverse a string? Someone has done it before (probably in a more efficient way than what I can churn out in a stressful situation). Why can't I reuse code? I do it all the time...


Code tests give me a sense that the interviewer doesn't trust or believe what I've written in my CV. I understand this, because people do lie and it is a problem. How do you know that person doing the code test is indeed writing it themselves and not just copying from Stack Overflow? Why would you even consider hiring someone who you seem to distrust? What guarantee do I have that your company is a good company to work for? The hiring process goes both ways.


Why don't you take my portfolio seriously, like when I showed people my graphic design portfolio without having to do "design tests" to prove myself? Is my portfolio not good enough? If not, then why did you take the time to contact me for an interview in the first place? 


Perhaps software engineers are an expensive commodity and you don't want to take a risk. I understand this, even though I have never been involved on the hiring side. I've failed plenty of code tests in the past, I still do. They make me feel horrible about my skills and afterwards I feel that I need to do more code katas, because I am shit. One can always become better at programming through practice!


So, no, I will respectfully decline your invitation to do a code test, or just get Github Copilot to do it for me. :)