I watched the chaos slowly unfold and exponentially grow into a grotesque monster of fear, panic and general disorganisation. This irritates me as an INTJ. If you are not sure what these four letters mean, please do yourself a favour and Google it, or duckduckgo.com it. I will also not link any sources, you can find them yourself and I want people to start thinking a bit more carefully about the world around them. We are not careful enough with our thoughts and I think this is a major problem.

I make my judgements based on external events, facts and other sources of information and connect the dots. I do not simply trust any single source and gather from as many as possible and come to a conclusion.

We INTJs prefer to use intuition and cold, hard data as a starting point for making decisions instead of emotions, or "feelings" as some would say. This does not mean we are emotionless robots, we just prefer not to let emotions cloud the logic and data.

I've never felt any anxiety during any of these pandemics, because I choose to ignore mainstream media and frankly, I do not trust the numbers given to us. Many sources state inconsistent numbers and I assume this is because of poor information gathering tactics, especially in third world countries. I am also rather curious about the bizarrely high number of deaths in Europe, but from what I gave gathered is that it is difficult for medical staff to even detect the virus, so therefore it is hard to differentiate if someone died due to a severe case of the seasonal flu, some other underlying condition that made their immune system weak or whatever else.

Please note that I am not denying the severity of the problem we're all facing.

Do they just report every person who dies now as a Covid-19 death? I don't know, but it seems likely. I've also looked at pictures of hospital wards and people who died, the majority of them seem overweight. A friend sent me a screenshot of a report where it shows the number of people who died (in the US state of Louisiana) who had underlying health conditions and a vast majority of them had diabetes, heart conditions and were overweight. It seems to me that people who do not take care and responsibility for their personal wellbeing are now suffering the worst. Therefore, start taking responsibility for your personal wellbeing, start doing research on the type of nutrients your body needs, your own individual shortages (I've done mine and felt a massive increase in energy and I do not get colds or flu anymore, but it doesn't mean I am immune to disease) and become more mindful of what you put into your body.

As previously mentioned, I am not feeling any anxiety for this virus at all, but I've noticed my anxiety levels increase when I am exposed to people's irrational responses out of fear and panic induced by the mainstream media. It kind of feels like an extreme level of irritation rather than anxiety. Emotion-based decisions baffle me, I see them as an inefficient way to deal with a problem such as this virus spread. It is creating large scale chaos and disorganisation and people do absurd and selfishly harmful things when they panic, such as hoarding toiletpaper and food and attack others personally when someone has an unorthodox idea or suggestion. INTJs are highly independent types of people and we value individualism, which would explain why I get so irritated when people do what other people are doing without considering the long term effects of their actions. Would you jump off the cliff if everyone else does? Hell no, certainly not me.

This then leads me to make an observation about how the vast majority of people simply accept what their government tells them to do and not even question whether it is good or bad for them. I am not saying the physical distancing or lockdown is a bad thing, but that not everything your government says you must do is good. For instance, the Standard American Diet. Have you even noticed how the rates of diabetes, cancer and other types of chronic disease boomed after its inception? I cut bread, sugar and high carbohydrate foods from my diet and lost a massive amount of weight, felt more energetic and a general positive trend in health and mental wellbeing. My anxiety went away.

Now they are vilifying meat, because apparently this virus came from bats. I'm not denying science, however I am denying the fact that meat is the culprit. I suspect that this will perpetuate the vegan agenda and eventually we'll see a decline in meat consumption, because once again people's emotions are being exploited (and this is why we INTJs prefer not to base our decisions on emotions, because it is a source of vulnerability and makes people so easy to exploit). I've seen countless numbers of plant-based folks return to meat due to deteriorating health during their meat-free phase. What if governments start limiting meat farming? Will it increase public illness and therefore create even more dependency on pharmaceutical solutions that only alleviate symtoms instead of combating the cause? Will it then create an even bigger dependency on the state and therefore make people much easier to control and keep in check?

Will it make us a weak species, because we cannot think independently anymore and lead to our eventual extinction because we fail to innovate and grow?

This is the ultimate means of control. This is why I think that this virus is not a naturally-occurring phenomenon, but a man-made tool to create global-scale panic, which sets the stage for much scarier things to come. Herd animal minds are too tame to comprehend this and I fear that I will be ridiculed, but that is okay, I have ways of dealing with social isolation as an INTJ. Mark my words, there will be massive changes in policies and agendas being pushed and it will change the way we live for the next couple of decades, until the next pandemic makes the herd lose its collective mind once again. This is how they take away our rights as individuals, quietly behind the scenes while we're all distracted. It's already happening in South Africa in the mining sector.

I call it the Kassandra-affliction. Look up the Greek myth of Kassandra and you will understand, hopefully.

Go on, prove me wrong and challenge my opinion because I might be wrong, but I urge you to please not shame me on social media platforms.


Rather start a discussion with me in private and if you want to personally attack, I suggest you don't. INTJs hate drama and we will ignore you and your irrational emotional response. I would love to know what Orwell and Nietzsche would think of the current state of the world...

Stay safe and think independetly, anonymous friend.